Leadership in Motion is a training and coaching program to trigger and support processes of change and strengthen clear decision making in leaders and teams.

Its main goal is to discover new resources and learning possibilities within the individual through an integrated approach on the levels of somatics, mind and emotions.

Leadership in Motion relies on an experience-based and theoretically well-grounded model of learning as a multi-layered journey starting from within the mind of the individual aiming to a shared and collective intelligence.

Leadership in Motion addresses leaders who claim to develop their skills and potential through a cooperative and creative approach as well as teams operating on a high level of self-organization.

Leadership in Motion
provides a method to …

  • trigger and support processes of change,
  • enable various ways of self-reflection,
  • develop your full potential following the intelligence of your body,
  • strengthen mutual support within a team,
  • discover new resources and learning possibilities within yourself,
  • confidently deal with chaos, complexity and unpredictability.

The participants of
Leadership in Motion are…

  • High potentials and developmental programs for future leadership positions
  • Leaders developing their leading skills within a process of individual coaching
  • Teams following concepts of swarm intelligence and flat hierarchies, integrating leadership as a function within structures rather then linking it to an individual
  • Diverse groups (male and female, different cultures)
Dr. Natascha Rosellen

Leadership in Motion has been developed by psychologist Natascha Rosellen through her longtime experience in training and coaching, taking into account the need for an integrated approach to develop the full potential of leadership following the intelligence of the mind and body.