Leadership is
an embodied

Integrating the whole personality in learning

The main purpose of Leadership in Motion is the space it offers for creative inquiring, developing and inventing new strategies. Leaders are encouraged and supported to strengthen the alignment with their genuine motivation and passion. Leadership in Motion represents a framework to evolve a leaders’ skills of flexibility and agility on the level of somatics, mind and emotions. It offers a space for a new method of highly effective learning processes, supports leaders to develop individual strengths and discover hidden potentials. Thus it provides meaning to the challenge of every day leadership.

The body is a critical part of who we are and how we lead

Leadership in Motion raises your ability to lead in an agile and flexible way while focusing mindfully on your and your employees’ needs. Leadership in Motion supports you to release tension and recharge your power within the center of your biggest resource: the body.
It sensitizes you for emotional issues and helps to manage emotional conversations in a successful manner. Leadership in Motion can be looked upon as a tool, as a new and creative approach to various methods of problem solving.

How can I benefit from Leadership in Motion?

  • Being agile to lead
  • Trust and confidence in myself and in my team
  • Mindful way to lead others
  • Motivation to resolve conflicts in a timely manner
  • Release of tension and recharge of power

The five sequential levels of learning

  1. Level 1


    Learning skills

    Reading, listening, observing

    Scope of learning

    Accumulating knowledge, linear thinking

  2. Level 2


    Learning skills

    Five senses, mind and emotions

    Scope of learning

    Experience-based learning, mind and emotions

  3. Level 3


    Learning skills

    Awareness of perception and communication Awareness of simultaneous mutual influence within any communication (circularity)

    Scope of learning

    Learning as a system within systems, self-guidance, circular thinking

  4. Level 4


    Learning skills

    Somatic learning. Ability to operate out of comfort zone

    Scope of learning

    Learning to connect with the field of infinite possibilities at will, and get comfortable moving and navigating purely on intuition and body intelligence as the person strengthens his/her ability to improvise.

  5. Level 4

    Collective Field Intelligence

    Learning skills

    Awareness that the whole is more than the sum of all parts, evolving hidden common goals and tasks

    Scope of learning

    Learning as a field of moving systems, body as an instrument for collective issues, tasks, challenges, culture and values of a field